Forays into Fiction!

As well as my non-fiction, I have written short stories and novels of many genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery! Scroll down below for my most recent published fiction!

Must Be Santa


A murder late on Christmas Eve brings Detective Merrick Wade onto the case. The man who found the victim wants to help solve the mystery by lending a hand … a right jolly old elf …


Malfeasance Here



What stalks this town?

Judge Lamentations Dewe was a Royal Witch Hunter duly appointed by His Majesty. His brief was to judge and, if necessary, execute the laws against witchcraft, cannibalism, sorcery and other unholy mannerisms used as tools of the devil at the turn in 17th century England..
But when he arrives in Bradford-on-Tyne, he finds a town haunted by a force that might mean the village’s doom … as well as his own!





What Waits in the Abandoned Stalag?

In the final months of World War II, a lost company of US soldiers stumble upon an deserted Nazi prison camp. No prisoners, no guards. Vehicles, food, records and supplies set abandoned.
The horrors within a Nazi camp are many. Has Bravo company found a new one?

An short story honoring the weird fiction of HP Lovecraft, Lin Carter and Clark Ashton Smith.


The Day John F Kennedy Met the Beatles; a story of alternate history.



What if the Beatles played at the White House before John and Jackie Kennedy in 1965? How would it have happened? And why?

Written for an historical (fictitious) magazine in 2016, “The Day John F Kennedy Met the Beatles” examines the political and diplomatic reasons for the concert and postulates why both sides agreed to this historic meeting of two icons from the 1960s.

John F Kennedy never met the Beatles, but this story asks … what if they did? This short story tells us what might have been.