Today is October 9th, John (and Sean) Lennon’s birthday. I’ve been celebrating this most holy of days for many decades now and am asked many questions as to the proper way to celebrate it. I have compiled a list of questions accumulated through the years.
How should we decorate the house?
               I deck the halls with old album covers, photographs and sketches. You can find these cheaply enough at antique stores and ebay. Sketches can be found all through the internet – and you can print them out and use them for free as long as you don’t try to sell it yourself. You should at least print or type the name of the artist on the drawings.
               I dedicate a space in the house for John’s own drawings.
               I line the fireplace mantel with Beatle and Lennon paraphernalia (dolls, figurines, etc.).
               Over the years I have collected Beatle ornaments released during that winter birth-of-Mithras holiday and put them on my Lennon tree.
Speaking of the Lennon tree: spruce or pine?
               Who cares?
Do you do anything special on Lennon’s Birthday Eve?
               Other than preparing for the following day, there are no special celebrations for Lennon’s Birthday Eve. Now that I am a father, though, I can’t wait to help my daughter set a Whopper and a Brandy Alexander in front of the fireplace to await Lennon’s midnight arrival!
What kind of presents do you give?
               Anything at all! But I like to stay with the reason for the season – Julian Lennon has a new album out. So does Yoko. I’m hoping to get something saying “Beatles Live at the BBC Volume 2” has been pre-ordered! Lithographs and t-shirts are always available.
What do you do during the day itself?
               After presents we do what Lennon loved doing during his house-husband days – plopping in front of the TV. We usually run “2001 A Space Odyssey” a few times. John said it should be played in a temple 24-hours per day.
               We bake bread just like Lennon did and eat a nice macrobiotic lunch – rice and fish mostly. For dinner we go to or bring home Whoppers from Burger King. He loved Whoppers. He also loved chocolate bars. So we keep plenty of those on hand.
When playing music to celebrate, is it okay to listen to … um … solo McCartney?
               We’re not orthodox Lennians, so solo McCartney, Starr and Harrison are played at our house. We even play albums Lennon produced or wrote for and other artists doing his songs.
               Be careful to respect the beliefs of others though, if you bring Harry Nilsson’s “Pussycats” to a friend’s house and he asks you to keep it in the car, please do so. Probably for the best regardless…
What about the Lennon sisters?
               Don’t be a smart ass.
But … Yoko? I mean … Yoko!?
               Oh once and for all, get over it for god’s sake. Did you know she has had some huge hit singles on the dance charts over the years? It’s true! And Julian has made a name for himself more as a photographer than a musician!
What do you do the next day?
               That is for taking down the tree and decorations. A melancholy time. BUT if you use that time to also put up your Halloween decorations, you can get two birds with one stone, so to speak. Remember the old adage – “when life gives you lemons, eat the damn lemons!”
Are these really questions frequently asked by others or did you just pull them out of your ass?
               Shut up.
               So there you have it, have a wonderful John Lennon’s Birthday! Give Peace a Chance! Imagine There’s No Heaven! Ah b’wakawa pousse pousse!
Copyright 2013 Michael G Curry

Michael Curry is a life-long Beatles fan and has written the short story “The Day John F Kennedy Met the Beatles”, available here on Amazon Kindle.


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