If you have linked to my blog from one of my Facebook or Google or Twitter links, and are a regular reader, you may have noticed something different.

                (If this is your first look at my little set of blogs – either through a random search or through WordPress, welcome!)

                I have redone my blog through WordPress where I also started a web page – So far it leads to my blog posts from Blogger – I imported all of them – has links to my Twitter feed and Facebook page and a cute link to Goodreads and I hope I can get a link (called a widget) to Librarything.

                I don’t like the transfer of my blogs from Blogger to WordPress – it has some errors, particularly lack of spaces between words, misaligned margins, white text that is invisible here, etc. Minor quibbles, I suppose.

                A fun and interesting addition will include tags and topics – I look forward to seeing which tags grow in size reflecting the common topics of my blog entries. I expect “comic books” will dominate haha.

                I like Blogger and will continue to post there as long I get enough hits. Perhaps in the future I can link the two – clicking on one leads to the other. But I wanted to expand my options and give myself an actual website for potential readers to view.

                Why do I need better access to readers? Why do I need an “intro” website to my blog?

                Because I do not intend the website to be only a doorway to my blogs because …

                … are you ready? …

                In a few weeks I will be publishing my first book.

                I am publishing “Abby’s Road, the Long and Winding Road to Adoption; and how Facebook, Aquaman and Theodore Roosevelt helped”.

                I am using the company Createspace to self-publish my book through Amazon and its affiliates. When I have a cover designed I will then upload the book through Smashwords to publish it through Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and other venues Createspace does not use.

                I have updated my Facebook page (and created an author’s fan page), Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn to use as my link to readers for marketing my book. I hope “Abby’s Road” will do well enough to help pay for itself and my next book about children’s television – which I hope to be published in November. With Smashwords I will be able to publish the short stories I have written through the years. Some will be free; some will be a dollar.

                This isn’t vanity publishing, although that still exists; this is the trend of the future: bypassing the traditional – sometimes insurmountable – wall of traditional publishers.  Independent publishing – the last thing I would associate myself with is being on the crest of a wave of the future.

                Future blogs will discuss how I came to write the book and my experiences in publishing it. I also have a few ideas about sharing my current health issues and my attempts at overcoming them. Plus the usual movie, book, TV and comic book reviews; don’t worry my fellow nerds – I am still a geek at heart!

                So wish me luck and please be patient with this old Luddite when it comes to browsing my web pages. I’ll do my best! And I’ll keep posting!

Original material copyright 2014 Michael Curry


(noticed I dropped my middle initial “G” in all this? Smashwords recommends eliminating middle initials to allow people browsing authors to find my name easier … who am I to argue?)

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