Abby’s Road makes the front page!


                 A wonderful article appeared in the Mount Vernon (IL) Sentinel on November 29, 2014. I reproduced it here. Thanks to David Belcher for taking the time to interview me and for writing a great piece! My comments are italicized, otherwise any typos are strictly mine!

Curry writes “Abby’s Road…” book on adoption process

By David Belcher, Mount Vernon Lifestyles Editor

  1. VERNON – In a sense, Esther Curry had a pregnancy that lasted nine months to the day.

Except she was not pregnant.

Doesn’t make sense?

Read on…

Esther and Michael Curry decided on Jan. 3, 2009 to adopt a baby.

On Oct. 3, 2009, nine months to the day later, the Mt. Vernon couple welcomed their baby daughter, Abigail Curry, into their lives.

Michael Curry, mixing his love for his daughter and the Beatles wrote a book about the adoption process: “Abby’s Road, the Long and Winding Road to Adoption.”

He said the couple wed in 2000. They wanted a child. However, about five years of infertility treatments produced no baby.

Finally, they decided to adopt.

The next step was hitting the Internet to select an adoption agency. They selected Adoption Law Network California. There are both couples looking for a baby and pregnant women who are searching for a couple to rear their child.

Michael Curry, who is an attorney while his wife is assistant head librarian at C.E. Brehm Memorial Library, said the couple submitted photographs of themselves to be looked over by the pregnant women who were also using ALNC’s services.

In June they got the word – a woman picked them to adopt her baby.

Michael Curry said they were told the woman was in the late 30s, already had two children and was living with her parents in Long Island, N.Y.

He said he thinks the photograph that really made her think the couple would be the perfect fit for her Abby can be traced to when the couple attended Renaissance-theme weddings in St. Louis and Carbondale. In the spirit of the occasion he said the couple dressed in Renaissance-era outfits, which were among the photos they sent. (it was a wedding/vow renewal in Carbondale, IL)


Now comes the hard part for all expectant parents, adopted and birth, waiting for the big moment. He said the plan called for them to be in New York when the child arrived.

In early September, they got the word. “The baby was coming,” Michael Curry put it, and they were to go to New York as soon as possible.

They flew to Massapequa, N.Y. where the baby was set to be born.

However, the couple learned it was a false labor. They thought it over and decided to stay in the area since it is about 1,000 miles from Massapequa to Mt. Vernon.

On the one hand, since Massapequa is in the New York City metro area there are (sic) no shortage of things to do. However, it is about 30 miles to “the city,” so they did not stray too far because since they could get a summons to the hospital at any moment.

Thus, they amused themselves by taking in attractions close to Massapequa.

They visited the Amityville Horror House.

They visited President Theodore Roosevelt’s house at Sagamore Hill. Among the items Michael Curry said the couple got to see was Roosevelt’s original “Rough Rider” uniform.

One reason why Michael Curry said it was important the couple be at the hospital is the birth mother said she did not want to see the baby or the adopted parents.

The youngster was born on Oct. 1, 2009. However, while the Currys could view her in her hospital nursery bed, they could not hold her. After meeting with the birth mother’s attorney to take care of some legalities, on Oct. 3, 2009, the(y) were presented with Abigail Curry.

The Currys were parents.

They did not waste time in taking advantage of what parenthood entails. They got to hold the baby. They got to dress the baby. They got to put her in a car seat to put her in the car and take her back the hotel where they were staying.

Abby Curry did not waste time in introducing her parents to other aspects of their new world. Michael Curry said they had a “sleepless night” at the hotel. Realizing what was coming, he said they had purchased “a slew of diapers and baby food.”

They also found out being a parent of an infant is a 24-houra day proposition. “No alarm clocks needed,” he quipped.

She was then brought from her birthplace to her home.

In the technical sense of the word, they were her guardians. Her adoption was not made official until June 16, 2010.

Michael Curry said his sister on June 16, 2010 gave birth to a baby girl.

“If I made up that coincidence for a story, an editor would slash it out,” he said.

Today, Abby Curry is a student at Good Samaritan Regional health Center preschool.

“Very smart. Very smart and very silly. She has a very silly sense of humor,” he said of his daughter.

She also has a sharp memory. Michael Curry recalled when he went o vote at Mt. Vernon’s Trinity Episcopal Church he took Abby with him. Ever since he said every time she goes past Trinity she asks, “Are we going to vote today?”


Michael Curry’s book is a detailed account of the vents which brought Abby Curry into his and his wife’s lives – a love letter from a father to his little girl.

“Abby’s Road, the Long and Winding Road” received honorable mention honors in the 2014 Great Midwest Book Festival in the Biography/Autobiography category.

He said people can obtain copies of his book through Amazon, Barnes & noble and Smashwords websites.






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