Hercules Unbound #2

Behold! The Bronze Age!


Hercules Unbound #2, January 1976

“And Unleash the Hounds of Hell”

Cover: José Luis García-López, Editor: Joe Orlando

Writer: Gerry Conway; Penciler: José Luis García-López; Inker: Wally Wood

Hercules and Kevin are once again assaulted by humans-turned-demons in the streets of Paris. The meet a group of normal humans (including a beautiful blonde named Jennifer Morgan) who invite our heroes to their hidden living quarters.

Ares watches the exchange and summons Cerebus, a Nubian in charge of two-headed hounds, to kill Hercules. With the Son of Zeus dead, Ares explains, he can continue his war among the humans and burn the world to a crisp.

The Hounds of Hell attack Hercules and Cerebus runs off with Jennifer. Hercules defeats the Hounds and joins battle with the Nubian. Cerebus buries Herc in rubble and takes Jennifer as his prize.

Kevin revives Hercules and they track Cerebus to his lair in the remains of the Louvre. Inside Hercules and Kevin find a portal to hell. To save Jennifer, they must enter the Pit!


The letter page gives a synopsis of the previous issue and tells us of other comics written or drawn by the creative team.


Now we get to see some of Hercules’ fabled strength in battle, as well as some of his personality. Rather than the boastful Marvel hero, DC’s version is a little quieter but still boastful, grinning as he enters into battle and just as confident in his abilities.

Excellent sophomore entry. Lopez’s art is starting to seep through the heavy Wood inks to excellent effect. Kevin is still a mystery, but we do not question which side he is on. Good guys fighting the good fight.


About the author: Michael Curry is the author of the Brave & Bold: From Silent Knight to Dark Knight, The Day John F Kennedy Met the Beatles and the award-winning Abby’s Road, the Long and Winding Road to Adoption and How Facebook, Aquaman and Theodore Roosevelt Helped.  Check his website for more releases! Thanks for reading!



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