Mister Miracle #22. February 1978.

Behold, the Bronze Age!


Cover: Marshall Rogers

“Midnight of the Gods”

Writer: Steve Englehart as John Harkness

Penciler: Marshall Rogers, Inker: Rick Bryant and John Fuller

Colorist: W. Argyle Nelson-Smith, Letterer: Milton Snappin

Story Editor: Larry Hama;  Managing Editor: Joe Orlando

Scott Free decides to take on Darkseid himself! Through a hologram message, Darkseid challenges Free to surrender or the earth will be destroyed.

Miracle again incites the Lowlies, but is arrested. He escapes from the Prime Protectors’ prison cage. Avoiding the guards, Miracle enters the Cerberus Chute, through which lay Darkseid’s throneroom!

Miracle confronts his foster father and blasts him with a lethal blaster. Darkseid survives the blast and warns Miracle that there can be no light without darkness. Does this mean there can be no ending to war and hatred, Scott Free says?

Darkseid ends the meeting the throws Miracle into a vortex, laughing…


Per DC Wikia: Due to the writing not meeting his own standards, Steve Englehart used the pseudonym “John Harkness” for this issue. No source is given.

It wasn’t that bad. True, it wasn’t the best thing he had ever written … and the last two pages were odd and preachy.

And even the artwork seemed sketchy and rushed. Not Rogers’ best either.

Definitely an “in between” issue – Miracle is still trying to foment an uprising among the lowlies and a non-confrontation with Darkseid. The storyline barely advanced; you’d think this was a modern comic.


The editor in the letter column claims they have the hit of the century on their hands.


About the author: Michael Curry is the author of the Brave & Bold: From Silent Knight to Dark Knight, The Day John F Kennedy Met the Beatles and the award-winning Abby’s Road, the Long and Winding Road to Adoption and How Facebook, Aquaman and Theodore Roosevelt Helped.  Check his website for more releases! Thanks for reading!

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