Mister Miracle #23. April 1978.

Behold, the Bronze Age!


Cover: Marshall Rogers, Managing Editor: Joe Orlando

“As Ethos is My Judge”

Writer: Steve Gerber

Penciler: Marshall Rogers, Inker: Joe Giella

Colorist: D. R. Martin, Letterer: Ben Oda

Story Editor: Larry Hama

Ethos shows Mister Miracle that to be a secular messiah to the Lowlies, he must embrace the light and the darkness be both of New Genesis and Apokolips and not of New Genesis and Apokolips. In other words, human. He is also shown that the war between the light and the darkness can never be won and cannot avoid the destruction of life. Whatever Steve Gerber was on when he wrote this … I’ll take two!


The letter column tells us Steve Englehart has left comics and wishes him luck. Who could replace such a legendary writer? Another legendary writer in Steve Gerber!


Dear Mr. Oda; When you write the word “flick” in a comic book (blue box, upper right corner), please be very careful. You made me do a double-take here … if you know what I mean … With utmost respect, …

MM Flick***

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