The Waiting is the Hardest Part … actually giving birth is … but …

The Waiting is the Hardest Part – well, I’m pretty sure actually giving birth is harder than waiting, but …

Five Years Ago Today … an Abby’s Road anniversary


            October 1, 2009. The baby is due today. We’ve been told that before …

Starting at page 145:

“… Today Valerie will be induced and the baby born. She was scheduled to go into the hospital at 7:00 am.  Except for drive-through in the nearby McDonalds we spent the day in our motel room.

            She will share a birthday with actors Walter Matthau, James Whitmore, Tom Bosley, George Peppard, Julie Andrews, Richard Harris, Rod Carew and St. Louis Cardinal’s Mark McGwire.  It is also the birthday of Randy Quaid, with whom I share a bond. At the time he made news for also running up a $10,000.00 motel bill.

            “What are you mumbling about?” Esther said.

            “I was just thinking, today is Thursday. How does that go?  Monday’s child is full of grace, Tuesday’s child is in your face, Wednesday’s Child had roast beef, Thursday’s child had none, Destiny’s Child sang ‘Bootilicious’… “

            “Sweetie, I think you need to take a nap…”  And so I did.

            Esther posted on Facebook – today was the day. She asked for prayers for an easy and safe delivery. “And fast,” I added, “Don’t forget fast or it will be a three-month delivery! Don’t give God any wiggle room here!”

            “Sweetie, nap.”

            “Yes, my dearest love. Zzzzzz…”

            Esther’s cell phone rang at 11:30. It was Jonathan! Here it is! This is it!

            “There’s been some progress, but the baby hasn’t been born yet.”

            Facebook post at noon: Birthmother still “in labor” – this kid will be born with a driver’s license.

            Facebook post, 1:00 pm: The baby better be born soon: the only thing left to do is a Howard Jones concert this weekend. And I’ll go! GOD HELP ME, I’LL GO!!!

            Facebook post, 2:00 pm: C’mon Abigail, I’m starting to take this personally. I think she’s grabbed hold of an intestine and refuses to come out. {Yank, yank} “No, you can’t make me!!!”

            Esther’s cell phone rang again at 3:00 pm. It was Jonathan! Here it is! This is it!

            Facebook Post, 3:30 pm: Nothing yet! Doctor had a C-section to do (read: tough par three) and will “check in” on birth mother. She’s been given pain meds. Me? None. Esther has been sedated.

            Esther’s Facebook Post, 4:00 pm: At 3:30 the Doctor had not been back in to check – off doing a c-section on another patient. Pains were getting stronger at that time. No word yet. Still waiting…

            And that was the last we heard that day. I got McDonald’s drive-through for dinner and Esther and I waited for news.

            Facebook Post, 10:00 pm: good grief.

            I remembered Mark Twain: “All good things arrive unto them that wait – and don’t die in the meantime.”

            Esther’s Facebook Post, 10:10 pm: No news. Will update when we know more.

            By 10:30 I was ready to go to bed.

            And the evening and the morning were the 13th day…”


            (SPOILERS AHEAD)

            I slept through the night; that surprised me. I expected to wake at any noise thinking it was the phone. Esther woke shortly after I did – around eight or so. We were both still lying in bed reading when her cell phone rang at ten.

            It was Jonathan. Here we go again. Valerie was sent home. False alarms, maybe next week.

            Abigail was born on October 1, 2009 at 11:10 pm, seven pounds, fourteen ounces. Twenty and three-fourths inches.

            Our daughter is here!

            My little baby girl is here!




            So now what?


The cover of Abby's Road

The cover of Abby’s Road

“Abby’s Road, the Long and Winding Road to Adoption and how Facebook, Aquaman and Theodore Roosevelt Helped” leads a couple through their days of infertility treatments and adoption. It is told with gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) humor from the perspective of a nerdy father and his loving and understanding wife.

Join Mike and Esther as they go through IUIs and IFVs, as they search for an adoption agency, are selected by a birth mother, prepare their house, prepare their family, prepare themselves and wait for their daughter to be born a thousand miles from home.

Abby’s Road is available at Amazon here:

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Copyright 2014 Michael Curry




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